We co-ordinate everything so you don’t have to!

This is the One-Stop difference!

Deal with ONE person from start to finish, don’t get caught out getting an expensive Pool Audit from one person who then can’t fix the items necessary.

If works are required and this may mean anything from a latch fixed on gate to a complete new pool fence, we can provide highly qualified and experienced tradespeople to help you get any repairs or modifications completed in the most cost efficient timeframe.

All based on written quotes at very reasonable prices.

Why would you do it yourself, navigating your way through the maze of compliance standards, chasing different trades, working one out from the next, who knows the legislation and who doesn’t, or works not syncing so it all happens together.

Don’t risk having to find another tradie or in some cases multiple tradies to get the work done quickly, because you’re under time pressure.

Leave it all to us. You may need fencing work, carpentry or even landscaping modification – we’ll arrange the lot for you.

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