Toby Robins

Toby Robins

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What our clients say

We didn't understand all this pool compliance business, I just kept putting it off until eventually I thought I needed to do something about it. A friend recommended One-Stop so I rang Neil, he was over next day and sorted everything. Job done. Thanks Neil.

Sue N Eltham VIC

We bought a house with a pool that was 23 years old. When this pool compliance certification thing came along, I called Neil at One-Stop and he was able to look after everything including providing quotes in writing, the works were done within a couple of weeks and we had our certificate.

Justin H Lower Plenty

I couldn't be happier with One-Stop. We got a letter from our local Council saying we needed to have our pool fence certified safe so I got in contact with Neil and he looked after everything from start to finish.  We didn't have to worry about arranging people to do the minor repairs, he organised everything including the final inspection and certifcation. What started looking like it would be headache was actually a breeze., Thanks Neil and team.

Mark W Eaglemont VIC


For more information or to request an estimate for service,contact our professional pool technicians.

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